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Top SMM Tactics To Boost SERP Ranking

SMM Tactics To Boost SERP Ranking

There is a common misconception that social media marketing has no connection with SEO. The SMM, in fact, has an indirect relationship with SEO. This is the reason why experienced marketers have started taking SMM seriously. If you are wondering what are the ideal social media methods for augmenting SEO marketing efforts, you have landed on the right page. Read on to discover the actionable social media strategies that will make your SEO marketing effort impactful.  

Share Contents That Matter 

SEO has undergone a lot of improvements over the past few years. But none of such improvements talks about its interplay with search marketing. Google bots have become accurate in terms of understanding content relevance and user intent, helping Google to provide searchers with the right information.  

Gone are the days when content was largely created around the commercial intent, packing a lot of keywords. This approach is not effective anymore-thanks to the ever-improving Google algorithm. Now, Google favors content that makes sense to the searchers. The content that lacks ample information despite ample keyword addition will be de-ranked sooner or later on the SERP.  

Therefore, it is vital to perform in-depth research on the keyword before crafting the content. Once you have a handful of details of the given topic, try the arrange them logically and then start the content creation. That is the recipe for a click-worthy content.  

Streamline Content Production And Publication  

Frequent posting of content can be detrimental to your SERP ranking. Therefore, it is advisable to take time to research the topic and craft meaningful content that resonates strongly among the readers.  

  • It is vitally important to take the reader’s persona into account for content creation. 
  • Take time to understand what your readers want and their needs. You can tweak your old content and rolled out on social media to boost engagement.  
  • Take advantage of your pillar contents and make them more valuable for readers. This will help boost the social signals that in turn will make your SEO impactful.  
  • Also, look for older content lacking ample traffic and tweak them accordingly with best SEO practices. You can also leverage skyscraper techniques in this context to maximize the benefit. 

Let’s understand what is skyscraper technique in detail.  

An overview of Skyscraper Techniques 

The skyscraper technique is augmenting the quality of older posts to make them click-worthy. This technique provides for better SERP ranking and reader engagement.  The skyscraper-tweaked contents get a better SERP ranking over time against several keywords, thereby attracting more third-party links.  

Fundamentally, the skyscraper technique comprises three main steps:  

  • Identify the content on SERP that is attracting healthy traffic and boasts a good link profile.  
  • Create an entire version of that content with a better hierarchy and pitching technique.  
  • Identify the link providers and prompt them to connect with your content. You will definitely get the much-needed links provided your content is on point and deserves readers’ content. 

Here are some tips to craft reader-friendly content:  

  • Logically employ the primary and long-tail keywords.   
  • Insert infographics wherever possible to render more clarity 
  • Add more updated information  

This approach will help boost social media SEO.  

Skyscraper Techniques significance  

Many seasoned marketers have claimed that the skyscraper is hands down the best technique for SEO content creation. Thousands of bloggers have leveraged this technique to attain better ranking and customer retention. 

Benefits of Skyscraper Techniques  

Some noteworthy advantages of the skyscraper techniques include: 

  • Help create Reader-friendly content  
  • Boost social media shares  
  • Augment reader augment  
  • Attracts more links and
  • Strengthen brand presence

Allow your readers to easily share the content 

Social media adheres to limitless potential when it comes to attracting consumers for businesses. The remarkable reach and diversified footprint make social media a one-stop avenue for seasoned marketers. Businesses can use social media to garner more leads and solidify brand presence.  By making your content easily shareable, you can expect more leads and brand exposure.  

But how would you suppose to do that? 

The answer is simple- add social sharing buttons and intuitive call-to-action. Having these will enable the readers to easily share your content across a wider audience.  The call-to-action tab provides for widespread presence for content on social media via resharing facility. This technique of augmented sharing boosts brand presence and recognition.  

But what is the point of having these components on your blog if it fails to cater to readers’ intentions? The content must check all the boxes when it comes to readers’ engagement. It is vital to create meaningful content from the readers’ standpoint so that you won’t miss out on the traffic you are targeting. Give your readers ample reason to make your content shareable in the first encounter.  

Tweak your Social Media Profiles 

Most prospects prefer examining social media profiles before reaching out for a business. The moment they laid an eye on your profile, everything must be crystal clear to them, be it the nature of your business or the types of products you are dealing with. The idea here is to make the first encounter impactful. Having social media profiles is a no-brainer in today‘s business landscape.  

For some businesses or professionals, it serves as a first point of contact. So it should not lack any detail that is vital for the prospect and leads to conversion. Pay attention to profile optimization as it can help with customer engagement and web presence. And do not forget to maintain consistency across different channels.  The alignment between your social media profile and your website should be seamless and uniform. This will make your business more recognizable on different marketing platforms, which serve as a positive signal for Google. 

Aims For Optimized Images 

Visual communication is a vital facet of any form of marketing. Images add value to your content and posts, leading to improved click-through rates and customer engagement. Humans are more fond of visual forms of communication because they are easy to understand. That is why visual contents ensure better customer engagement. 

Many studies have confirmed that visuals are instantly graspable as compared to text-based material. Therefore, it becomes important that you take time to tweak your images. Take the customer’s persona into account while doing the same to maximize the benefits. 
Here are some notable points to ponder in this aspect:  

  • Replace the default file name of the given image with a keyword 
  • Select the apt format for quick uploading 
  • Go for the responsive images  
  • Reduce the file size without compromising the image quality. 
  • Employ keywords in the caption, alt text, and title text. 
  • Incorporate image-structured data 

Indulge in conversation with audiences

Interacting with your customers is an ideal way to increase brand recognition on social platforms. Constant and transparent communication paves the foundation for a strong Brand-customer alliance. It enables businesses to know exactly what their prospects expect from them and their services. That way you are actually providing much-needed value to your prospects, which will lead to strong brand building.  

Interacting with customers in real-time on the social platform helps businesses determine their problems. Based on this, you can craft your next content or update the existing one to capitalize on the opportunity.  Getting into conversation with customers confers a positive signal to Google, which will improve your SEO score.  

Start tracking SMM Operations 

How often do you measure the performance of SMM activities? If the answer is zero, you are missing out on a huge opportunity of increasing your traffic.  

  • You cannot expect long-term online success unless you have a system in place that quantifies your performance.  
  • You must have access to metrics that clarify what working and what’s not working on social media platforms.  
  • Estimating ROI can be a primary parameter for determining your SMM success.  

But you would get started with SMM tracking?  

Here are a few things you can do in this context  

  • First, define your marketing goals. Next, evaluate each goal carefully and set up priority 
  • Use metrics such as the number of visitors, engagement time, bounce rate, profile visit, ROI, etc  
  • Set the time interval in which you will be going to verify the above metrics  

Based on the above, you can craft a new strategy for improved targeting and increased engagement. 

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